Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Feels like a Freakin' Balloon

First of all thanks for all the people who helped in the process of naming PJ did not know that Paulo has turned it into a forum in here, So this is where all the good ideas come from LOL
Anyhow been feeling like a freaking balloon me and Paul took two trips in vain to the hospital I am so sick of false alarms and back kicks that makes you feel that your back is going to be broken in two. Do not care how motherly people say It should feel it is not fun at all and I want to be over and done with. Actually it feels so bad to see Paul so clueless and feeling he is useless last night tried to walk him through what I was feeling but although he was holding my hand like I was going to run away and he frantically nodded his head he did not know what I was talking about. I am tired. I even decided to be at my mum's to help make Paul feel more at ease and go to work cause if Paul sat with me every time he felt worried he is probably going to be fired :)
I am thinking of having drug induced delivery and get it over and done with .. Don't know yet..

Monday, March 30, 2009

And the Oscars goes to..

After long discussions and arguing we finally agreed on PJ's name and the result is..

Seth, if its a boy "thanks to Posh Lemon"
Meg, if its a girl. "That's my suggestions but Em loved it"

Let's hope PJ comes soon cause I am fed up from Em being in pain all the time and me being useless. "Grrrrrrrr"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Names for Junior

Okay it is time to think about names for Paul Junior since we decided not to know the gender of the baby and keep it as a surprise we have to think of both boys and girls name..

My favorite for a girl is Elizabeth but Ema prefers Catherine we both have a problem with the Egyptian pronunciation which will end up being Casreen and Elizbess. Not that we care but it is probably gonna cause a complex to the kid.
Moving on, for a boy I am thinking Seth or Jacob, but for Ema she prefers Montgomery but come on I can not imgaine how something so little would be called Montgomery its just too big.. she says we can call him Monte but come on it will be missing a Carlo and then it would be a festival.
Sighs.. I have no clue do you guys and gals have any idea??

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Emma Needs

So Selfish of me.. here is one for Em 8)
THE OBLIGATORY PART: Go to your favorite search engine and enter your FIRST name and
the word NEEDS in quotes (" [Your name] needs”), and see what comes up. List the first 10 sentences that make sense and then tag some of your friends - and don't forget to tag me back too! I followed instructions -this is what She got...

1. Emma needs a belt rather badly (Oh Not at the moment I have to say)

2. Emma needs a love song (I am going to sing to her, on a second thought may be I should just buy her a CD)

3. Emma needs more prayers. (That she does)

4. Emma needs a real man. (She already got ONE DAMN IT)

5. Emma needs to finish her dvar torah!!. (That sounds like an important thing to finish indeed)

6. Emma Needs a BUTTON! (Button.. Like the one in coats? What the hell for????)

7. Emma needs the looooo. (She goes like a zillion times a day)

8. Emma needs to be so feisty!. (That she does perfectly)

9. Emma needs a new bike. (Bike!!! Mmm when she delivers may be)

10. Emma needs a clean slate. (We all do :(

Paul Needs

THE OBLIGATORY PART: Go to your favorite search engine and enter your FIRST name and the word NEEDS in quotes (" [Your name] needs”), and see what comes up. List the first 10 sentences that make sense and then tag some of your friends - and don't forget to tag me back too! I followed instructions -this is what I got...

1. All Paul Needs Is Love. (I have my Em for that)

2. Paul needs a haircut. (That I do)

3. Paul Needs Music. (definitely)

4. Paul needs 12 steps to get over this election. (As if a government post is what I really need)

5. Paul needs to throw somebody under a bus. (Can it be my boss)

6. Paul needs help with walk (Oh I am not that bad you know)

7. Paul needs friends. (We all do)

8. Paul Needs Happiness. (Which I will have after Em delivers)

9. Paul Needs $8.4 Million for TV/Radio Ads. (Oh can I have them and spend them on something else, *Thinking Video Games*)

10. Paul needs gym work. (Looks at his beer belly and shakes his head in denial)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back Pains

I have been having a lousy week and I feel worried, Ema went to the doctor and he told us that Junior is giving her hard time once again he decided to be up side down and now the doctor informed us there is a big chance that Em might give birth on the 7th month which scared the hell out of me. I am now very pissed at this small thing that is hurting my Em who in God's name does he think he is to do this? I know I sound silly and all being the reason of the mess but I feel guilty and wish we would take it back. Does that make me a bad father? Do not care honestly but the fact that I see her every now and then crossing her eye brows and biting her lips in silence from the pain so she would not freak me out makes me wonder what did I do?

I do not want this I want me Em back and hate how she has to be brave in her pains cause me lame ass fear for her that much. What can I do? I really wish I would endure her pain but do not know what to do but sit by the bed watch her sleeping and look at her swollen belly and pray to the man up stairs to bring her to safety.

Please God if you are going to punish me do not do it through her.. PLEASE

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Random Things about me:

· I am a complete messy person.

· I love the color red.

· I love to drink beer.

· I hate brushing my teeth but cannot stand the bad breath.

· I really wish I have a baby girl instead of what everything thinks.

· I hate going to church.

· I never trusts priests at confessions and feel they are going to either spill the beans or black mail me someday.

· I secretly smoke hash in the balcony while my wife is asleep.

· I used to watch porn as a kid till I was 15.

· If I was not born christen do not think I would have been one.

· I love eating cherry.

· I hate how my boss calls me "P"

· Eating chickens with bones always gross me out.

· I once picked up a prostitute and let her leave before doing anything because I felt gross from myself.

· I told my wife I slept with a prostitute and she forgave me in an instant.

· I never looked to another women ever since.

· I think my wife is the kindest person in the world.

· I fear I would lose her in a moment of reckless ness.

· I do not know why I am being so damn honest.

· Usually when I lie to someone I sound more convincing than when I am telling the truth.

· I am a sales person because I am good at it not because I love it.

· If I would choose where I would live it would be London.

· I love the fog.

· I eat food with no salt at all.

· I never have sugar in my drinks either.

I have tagged The Boss, Shamel, and Maram on Facebook. Comply please as the Boss usually says